We come, we clean and you enjoy it!

Are you ready to have more time for yourself?

Then let Matos Cleaning Service clean for you and make you feel relaxed in your own home. Have more time to spend with your family and more time to do the things you truly enjoy. Call Matos Cleaning Service today for a FREE estimate.

Matos Cleaning Service has been offering high quality cleaning in Richmond and surrounding areas since 2009. Feel free to answer our questionnaire so we can better assist your needs or just call and check out our rates 


Leave the cleaning to us

Matos Cleaning Services has been offering high quality cleaning services to clients in Richmond and surrounding areas since 2009.

We clean homes, any type of business, move in or move out, we work with customer that need regular or occasional cleaning. We also offer extra services such as laundry and organizing. Whatever or whenever you need it clean call us for a FREE estimate.



A clean and organized room

The cleaning company is coming

What should be put away?  Do not worry about a thing. Matos Cleaning can clean it for you and we also offer organizing services

Here are some tips that will help you have the best home cleaning experience next time your cleaning company is coming

  • Remove loose items from the floor and counters, such as toys and household items
  • Pick up the clothes in the bedrooms
  • Place any documents, bills or important paper in a safe place
  • Store your jewelry and cash

This way small items won’t go inside the vacuum cleaner unnoticeable and you’ll easily find your important papers later on

lovely fresh and clean home