Extra Services

Everything you need for a clean and tidy home

Here are some additional services provided by Matos Cleaning Services: 

  • Laundry wash and fold 
  • Refrigerator cleaning
  • Organizing services

Our cleaners have what it takes to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible

Choose the trusted team at Matos Cleaning Services and enjoy a clean, freash and welcoming home. 

Load of laundry

A load of your laundry includes putting a full basket to wash, followed by a drying cycle and then neatly folded into your laundry basket. One load of laundry $15 each Two loads of laundry $25 for both Three loads of laundry or more $10 each

Refrigerator cleaning

Have your refrigerator really cleaned. Our cleaning team will completely empty your fridge and clean all the items before putting those back in place. Deep cleaning inside refrigerator with cleaning all items inside $15


A full basket of laundry ironed and neatly separated inside the basket. Shirts go on hangers. Maximum of four shirts per basket.

Bed making

One changing of bed sheets is included in our cleaning rate, with no laundry required. Any extra bed is $5 each